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And without doubt many if not the majority of people will give the religious aspect an important role in their reproductive choices.The difficult question is, though, to what extent religions should influence the legislator in making moral choices possible or impossible for everyone.Grounding its approach in deliberative democratic theory the article critically approaches the attempts to ban the procedure and the methods used.It examines the effort of politicised dominant religion to minimise the relevance of democratic deliberation through the polarisation of political debate, diminishing the importance of religious pluralism and social diversity and relying solely on a natural law interpretation of human rights.

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This will be done in the following steps: firstly the article addresses the problem of the 'politicisation' of religion and its impact on the control of women's bodies.

Secondly it focuses on the legal proposals and debate concerning the regulation of IVF that took place in Poland during the previous term of the Parliament (the Sejm).

Furthermore it engages in critique of the multiple discursive strategies employed by religiously motivated politicians in their struggle for 'proper reproduction', and lastly it emphasises the potential for otherising infertile women and couples as those whose bodies and desires to have children need to give way to a uniform rather than pluralistic conception of religion and nation.

In particular the Catholic Church, who as the Holy See has the status of a permanent observer in the United Nations and was present during the Cairo and Beijing conferences, has remained in firm opposition to full recognition of women's reproductive rights in particular such as access to legal abortion.[3] The Catholic understanding of natural law also condemns methods of assisted procreation, in which embryos are created outside the body.

According to documents issued by the Vatican, such as for instance the Encyclical Evangelium Vitae [4] or Instruction Donum Vitae, [5] it should be natural to oppose procedures producing a number of human embryos that will not be used and will be eventually experimented on or destroyed.

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