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When you install and open the free XHeader software you get these options: There are some good free banner options that you can edit under the “Templates” section, so explore and experiment with the “Romance and Dating” section.

To change the size of existing images easily and quickly, choose “Load an Image from Hard Disk” (the fourth option at the bottom).

You will be able to edit banners, add in text and other images, as well as special effects, which I use all the time.

It’s a great tool and produces some very good results with a little bit of practice.

I have written a couple of articles on Keyword research and the Keyword Conundrum, which if you haven’t read already, you might want to run through or read again.With a few modifications it is already getting some great conversions.If you follow some of these basic steps, you could have a site that looks something like this: In this article, I will cover how to create headers, logos and banners and how to resize them easily.Use Google’s keyword research tool, select “Broad”, “Phrase” and “Exact” keyword matches for some target keyword phrases or analysis of a competitor web site; the keywords returned, once you have sorted them into the highest searches first, are the most popular keywords that are being searched on.By constructing your content around these keywords, whether you think they are hot or not, you are targeting high volume, site relevant keywords that your potential visitors are searching for.

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