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Although her ladies-in-waiting went too, they were confined to a separate corner of the house while Brown had a bedroom next to the Queen’s.At Buckingham Palace the Queen’s attachment to Brown was a problem that her courtiers were ill-equipped to manage.Only the unworldly could still think this was, at its worst, only an unseemly platonic relationship rather than a serious bonding.In 1997 the movie Mrs Brown, in which Judi Dench plays a peppery Victoria and Billy Connolly delivers a tour de force as Brown, left little ambiguity in its picture of this amazing ménage.John Brown began working at Balmoral as a stableboy.

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She knows that if the vote goes in favor of an independent Scotland she won’t be banished from the land – the nationalists have said they want their country to remain a monarchy for as long as the people wish, and she would remain head of state, as she is still, at least nominally, in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Victoria’s personal physician was a Scot who believed that there was no tonic to equal the air of the Scottish Highlands, possibly reinforced by “a wee dram” of Scottish whisky.

Thus encouraged, in 1847 Victoria bought Balmoral, which she described as “a pretty little castle” with 17,400 acres.

But this year being in Scotland presents one of the trickiest problems of her reign.

On September 18 the Scots will vote on whether or not to remain in the United Kingdom.

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