We are dating now ep 10

Ae-ra kind of wakes up and Dong-man stops touching her ear and freezes again. He is about to touch her again, he wants to kiss her, he kisses her on the forehead and Ae-ra is still sleeping, but she kind of wakes up. Dong-man – Why did you blow on my face with your nose! Joo-man gets a phone call/text from the Intern but he ignores it. He had three sons because he wanted a daughter so badly. If you tell him that then I will tell him that you hit me over the back with a hanger! JOO-MAN AND SUL-HEE WITH FRIENDS AT A RESTAURANT Some of Sul-hee and Joo-man’s friends are getting married and they are all talking and drinking. They are asking if Joo-man and Sul-hee are still dating secretly at work? She doesn’t want Ye-jin’s family to be involved in his promotion anyway, but Joo-man said he can get it with his skills. (he steps closer to her and puts his hands softly around her neck/face) Ae-ra – Um…we are not just-just-just friends, any more right? She hits his hands off and they go back to being awkward. Other PD looks shocked/startled and is talking about if someone texted Ae-ra or not.

He is about to touch her hair, he softly touches her hair and exposes her ear. Omma is bragging about this guy and how he is rich and all that. Appa is talking about Sul-hee and about how he only has Sul-hee and stories about Sul-hee. And don’t give people your phone number if you are going to just ignore their calls. Dong-man told Ae-ra’s appa to not tell Dong-man’s father that he is doing Taekwondo stuff. Ae-ra is super suspicious of the PD, it looks like they have some bad background or history. (alluding to some-man/some-woman slang for dating before officially dating) Dong-man – (He pinches her cheeks) Hey, don’t talk nonsense, just go rehearse.

BEACH Back at the performance the Other PD is talking to his workers. (Hye-ran hears them say this) MOTEL – OUTSIDE THE ROOM Owner Ajumma and Coach are listening in through the door. MOTEL – INSIDE THE ROOM Dong-man might have just gotten a bunch of licks by Appa with a hanger (Damn). PERFORMANCE Hye-ran is criticizing the show and saying that no one will do this without a script.

Appa – It is nothing embarrassing for appa, appa is fine Ae-ra – Just go home, I am crying when I see you Appa – People have their own ground to play. Appa – You are much bigger than this, you are the real deal, I am not satisfied when you perform on a little stage, are you satisfied with it? (He looks at Dong-man up and down) Dong-man you rotten guy. Ae-ra looks like she doesn’t want to ride with him, but maybe she will.

Ae-ra goes over to the window and Appa looks nervous at what she might say to him. They are taking about the way the intern is acting. She knows that she is a bad person, those kinds of things. The intern is yelling and crying that she really likes him. Everything the intern does reminds Joo-man of Sul-hee (mini flashback about Sul-hee saying the exact same things the intern is saying). Sul-hee comes outside at the worst possible moment and watches Joo-man wipe the intern’s tears away. The Sunbae PD stops and says he will give her a ride.

Ae-ra – Next time I will be on a big stage, when I call you, come and see me. Even if you perform in North Korea, I will cross the 38th parallel line (the border) and just go there and see you. For some reason, Joo-man is fixing her skirt with a safety pin. Sunbae PD – Dong-man told me Ae-ra – He didn’t tell you Sunbae PD – He told me indirectly…

She is asking the motel owner all these questions and wants the regional phone number to call the crime reporting hotline. The Owner Ajumma doesn’t know that she doesn’t have to press the local number to dial the crime reporting hotline. Appa is knocking on the door and Dong-man opens it. Appa sees Dong-man and Ae-ra in the room and Dong-man still has his shirt off. He takes off his shirt and has a tattoo with Ae-ra’s birthday on his shoulder. (speaking informally) Owner Ajumma – I am noona (older). Appa is in front of his car, he is saying his goodbyes to Ae-ra. I came to give you this as well (he gives her some food). Joo-man steps in and fixes everything and adds all the discount and all that. He talks to Sul-hee in the back and is scolding her. Joo-man said, what will you do if you quit, you should be around me. They are playing a lot of drinking games with friends at a restaurant. She yells that she does this for his attention because she likes him!! She is back inside their apartment and she climbs in bed with Joo-man, Joo-man is sleeping and Sul-hee cuddles close to him, the song is saying, “I can leave you for you, I can’t cry, I can’t cry, If you like her then I can leave you” (Song: Lee Hyori’s old group FIN. Joo-man opens his eyes as Sul-hee puts her arm around him. Another flashback on Valentine’s day 2010, Ae-ra said Dong-man probably won’t get chocolate because he got dumped by Hye-ran. PRESENT Ae-ra is walking away as she always does when Dong-man and Hye-ran are about to kiss. Hye-ran – If it hasn’t happened for 20 years, then it won’t happen! Sul-hee is drinking a lot and they are having fun with their friends. Joo-man is wondering why she wears short clothes and does cute things and all that stuff. He says she is super pretty – and he kisses her!!!! KL starts playing again BACK TO THE PRESENT AT THEIR APARTMENT Sul-hee looks like a dirty lady who just cried a lot. If you want to do something then just say it, reveal it. Hye-ran – Why haven’t you dated that cool Choi Ae-ra until now? Dong-man gets up to leave and Hye-ran gets up as well. Ae-ra – I have seen this over and over again ~ FLASHBACK They are all sitting at a table celebrating Dong-man and Hye-ran’s 100 days together. Hye-ran wants to kiss Dong-man and puckers up, but Dong-man just feeds her popcorn and kind of looks over his shoulder at Ae-ra. We already kissed, I don’t know some~ or whatever, but we already kissed, so that means day 1. He confronts her outside and tells her that she is really pretty. He tries to kiss her and says he wants to spend time with her. He starts kicking in the air and jumping around, lol. Don’t mistake that being comfortable with someone means liking them. Dong-man and Hye-ran are watching the movie together. Dong-man – We are dating now so~ I will do it again. Hye-ran – If you spend that much time with furniture you will start to like it.

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