Updating flash text with xml

In the root folder of the SCORM Driver package that you just downloaded, you’ll see some files.

They’ll be different depending on what specification you chose, but this step is similar for all specs.

Open these files with your favorite text editor (Text Wrangler, Word Pad, etc.) and you’ll change just a few lines of text in the files.

If your content and your LMS are all on the same domain (cloud.for example,) you can skip editing this file and go right down to editing Make sure it’s open in your text editor, change the “Title” on the 5th line of the file to the title of your course, re-save the file, and you’re done.

Open the Plugins Menu This document, titled "How To Install XML Plugins in Notepad ," is available under the Creative Commons license.Make sure to check our public LRS after you’ve generated statements in this way.You can see your statements in your LMS and in our public LRS.You’ll need a text editor to edit most of the files that you’ll be editing.Some text editing programs will attempt to display the files as webpages instead of text, so for the purposes of this guide we’ll be using Text Wrangler for Mac (it’s free.) use Text Edit for Mac, it won’t work.

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