Tvxq yunho dating rumors

YG asks Jae to work on a full album for one of their artists. The Kims say they never knew how to tell Jae the truth and besides, “No matter whose womb you came from, you will always be our son. A song Jaejoong wrote is released and does not do as well as expected. If anyone knows Jaejoong better than you, it would be him.” Jaejoong thinks about marriage, including where he and Yunho can get married. I was just thinking about how much I love you, and the whole marriage thing just came out.” “That’s sweet, Yunho, but your timing was off. Fall – A Sister’s Burden, False Hope, and Arrangements Yunho tells his sister that he’s engaged while they’re out at lunch and asks her to tell their parents for him. They agree on not having the traditional Korean part of the wedding because it involves symbolic things for a man and woman, writing their own vows, and having a DJ at the reception.

Someone comes out from the woodworks and claims to be Jaejoong’s biological father. We love you no matter what.” September 2010-July 2012 – Military Enlistment Yun Jae hide their relationship because they know gays aren’t treated fairly in the military and the harassment/abuse would be great. Yunho and Yoochun think it’s because the group the song is for is not very good. Well there are places where gay marriage is allowed. ” “Jung Yunho,” Jaejoong said turning to his boyfriend, clearly shocked at what he just heard, “you are proposing to me, are you? It came out as more of a nervous question than a statement like he wanted. ” “Let me hold onto it until you come up with something better.” “Uh ok, Jaejoong, whatever you say.” June – Thoughts of Future Yunho talks to Junsu about his failed proposal and wracks his brain trying to figure out the best way to ask Jae to marry him. He talks with Yoochun, plans to ask Yunho to marry him and decides to write a song for the proposal. Now back to what I was saying: But you’re forgetful pabo who doesn’t know how to propose to someone to save their life, and I love you. ” “ is how you propose to someone.” August – Alerting the Presses or Families at Least Yun Jae tells Jaejoong’s family they are engaged. Jihye is happy for her brother but wary of telling their parents.

Spring 2001 – Meet at SME Audition Jaejoong hears that SME is holding try-outs from Teacher Namgung. Summer – Become Friends Yunho slowly breaks the barriers Jaejoong still has around from his bad boy days.

Yunho has to choreograph and perform a dance using a song senior music majors write while Jaejoong has to compose a song for a dance major or score for a film major. Yun Jae starts planning the wedding but discover it’s not easy because the wedding is nontraditional.

Jaejoong worries what’ll become of himself in regards to being a trainee because he has seen many people fail for this very reason.

Early 2003 – Still at SME Yun Jae continues to train. Late March – Kicked Out SME can’t figure out what to do with Yun Jae, so the two enter the ranks of hundreds of other failed trainees. Yunho and Jaejoong move back home, and Yunho’s appa gives him the third degree about failing at being a dancer.

Yunho’s parents are arguing with each other more and more, so he makes up complex dance routines in his room.

April – Music and Harder Classes Jaejoong starts playing piano for the first time. Yunho’s dance teachers talk to his mother about moving him to higher-level classes. Yunho has a huge argument about his future with his father.

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