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Nine Inch Nails “Fuck You Like an Animal…” Nick: What are the rules that you have? Thunderbolt: Don’t you think you want to follow the rules?

Thunderbolt: The lines blur a little bit, but I tell everybody the same thing, “You worry about taking your fucking clothes off, I’ll worry about everything else.” That’s all they have to do – show up, do what they’re supposed to do.

— Thunderbolt: Your mother and father like what you do for a living?

Nick: Well, we can’t actually pay interview subjects, we’re a non-profit public radio station. Nick: Great, let me give you my number in case you need to– Thunderbolt: No, no, no. You’re trying to date me, not the other way around, remember?

Thunderbolt: Great, how much are you going to pay me? Is there a time after that that would work for you? Thunderbolt: Tell you what Nick, give me a call when you get to town. But I’ve got to tell you, if you come with some money, I’ll definitely be in the mood.

Jay Thunderbolt’s business card is a little mysterious.

It reads, “Thunderbolt – Party Naked” and gives a phone number.

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