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Over her fifty-year career in Long Beach, QUEEN MARY has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places, accepted by The National Trust for Historic Preservation as part of their Historic Hotels of America, and has welcomed RMS QUEEN MARY 2, QUEEN VICTORIA and QUEEN ELIZABETH to her new home.

Although owned by the City of Long Beach, QUEEN MARY has had many operators, including, but not limited to, Jack Wrather, Disney and Delaware North, and at times, has struggled with success.

Doug and Tom presented an illustrated history of the former STOCKHOLM's colorful past and provided a photographic tour of what is without a doubt one of the most interesting ships in the cruise business today.


They asked him if he would like to be one of four American HAL photographers to cover the EURODAM’s upcoming christening.

Remarkably, one of the most noteworthy relics of the tragedy is the ship that rammed and sank the famed Italian liner in 1956: the former motor liner STOCKHOLM is still sailing today as the cruise ship ASTORIA.

Using the British India liner SS KARANJA as an example, Ted introduced us to people who had to pull up stakes in East Africa and find another home.

Regency Cruises was a major operator of second-hand ships until it declared bankruptcy.

Friday, November 17, 2017 - PM OCEAN LINER SUNSET Presented by Ted Scull Community Church Assembly Room, 40 East 35th Street, Manhattan For our November program, we joined former PONY Branch chairman Ted Scull on a half-dozen voyages aboard ships that represent the end of their type: passenger-container ship, Royal Mail Ship, colonial liner, liner converted to cruising, and a pair of Atlantic liners.

During Ted's program we ventured from Buenos Aires on a 26-day, northbound voyage to Brooklyn aboard Ivaran Lines’ super-comfy, 86-passenger-container ship, AMERICANA.

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