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This step was the unveiling of cellular and wireless trail cameras.The old blinding flash cameras that would clear the entire woods have been replaced with now silent, HD video, audio, and black flash capable cameras that wouldn’t alert even the most cunning buck.The simple exchange will deepen your bond and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy while listening.Take just 30 seconds a day to stop and say a prayer together or for each other.The recent advances in the trail camera industry make even professional hunters wonder what the next “” will be.For the time being though, we have our hands full with the latest advance, wireless trail cameras.Make it as specific or vague as your heart desires.

Just as the forward march of technology has enabled you to be a better scumbag, modern advancements have also made it easier for your girl to catch you red-handed.Share one your favorite past times with him too and really have an exchange of great memories.Recent advances in technology have made it easier to cultivate multiple relationships.You remember how this childhood game goes: Look deep into each other's eyes and don't stop until someone breaks.Taking time to really look at your partner in such an intimate way can do wonders for your attraction to each other.

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