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I think that was strange for him and obviously his demons got the best of him.”On that racy bedroom scene.“To me as an actress, it felt really freeing.

It felt really nice to be doing something that was darker and edgier and caught the character off guard. It’s a scene where you’re forced to be living in the moment.

Your character is constantly on her toes and running around.

As a producer on , did you feel like you were just constantly running around, too? Even if I’m not being a producer on the show, I’m running around. But, yeah, when I was on especially, when I was producing, I was just involved in every aspect of it: making sure that the set for the next scene was ready, or, you know, discussing wardrobe or the scripts.

, the girl-power shows she loved as a kid, motherhood, and more.

On what drew her to the role of Natalia.“I think just being given the opportunity to be a part of that show and working with Judd Apatow, Lena Dunham, and Jenny Konner. The character of Natalia is a really kind of sweet, kind of honest girl, and we get to see behind the veil, see what she’s like in situations she’s not expecting to be in and not in control of, and I thought it was really nice to play the idea of a perfect girl that has another dimension.”On life behind the scenes at .“Oh my goodness. Everyone there is working at the highest level; they all know they are part of something special, so there is a tremendous amount of respect and professionalism on set.

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Everyone there is just treated it with so much respect and they made sure it was a very safe environment.

Whatever has to be done, you’re constantly on the move.

In this week's episode more so than the first, we see how the producers use psychology and manipulation to get people to break down.

And watching Rachel do this to the contestants definitely makes him look at her with different eyes.

One of the dynamics that I really like is the relationship between your character and the character who is constantly undermining your character, Shia. Have you ever had someone like that in your work life where either you were really jealous of their constant success or you were like, “Oh, they’re constantly trying to undermine me”? Yeah, I definitely had a working relationship where I was constantly being undermined, and I was kind of young at the time, so I really didn’t understand how to play the game.

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