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The mic does go down low but it seems to role of pretty quick to what sounds like it's completely rolled off at 40hz even tho it goes down to 20hz.There's 1 or 2 db boost around 120 to 200 that seems to work on male vocs and female vocs nice and warms the up naturally.The Mic plugs in with a 3.5mm and is compatible with most smart devices that have the female end.

Turnoffs, -There's no pads or roll offs a -10 pad would make this mic so much more handy for louder sounds sources such as kick close micing.-The hi frequencies on this mic if pushed sound very unnatural so be care full the rest is very well balanced and warm.If you look around for the right mic (this one) you be able to grab one around £80 with a case and shockmount and that's been the going rate on ebay, gumtree, craigslist and sos readers ads.The mic comes new with a double walled hard plastic case that is lined deeply with foam and a small section for the mic clip.The shock mount was an optional extra but they take any generic ldc shock mount.

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