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Birds from Finland, Latvia, Russia and Sweden have found their way to Estonia.The oldest banded long-eared owl in Estonia has lived for 9 years and 2 months. The Ural Owl breeds only on the mainland of Estonia, though some individual birds may reach the islands in the winter months (Manija, Kihnu). It nests in high-up broken hollow trunks, in large stick nests and in nesting boxes with larger holes.Tawny Owl () has been chosen as the Bird of the Year for 2009 by the Estonian Ornithological Society.It inhabits Estonian cultural landscapes including parks, cemeteries, and forest patches between fields.Winter visitors Hawk Owl and Great Grey Owl have also nested on occasion.The Snowy Owl is an irregular winter visitor, and the Barn Owl and Little Owl are vagrants.

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In Estonia, there are 500-4000 breeding pairs, with an average population density of 3.9 pairs per 100 km2. 1048 birds have been banded in Estonia and 9 recoveries have been made outside of Estonia: from Germany, Russia, Poland, Sweden, Lithuania and Byelorussia.A very rare winterer, with perhaps a maximum of 5 birds. It breeds in forest patches, hedges and woodlands around farms.Forty-one birds have been banded with only one recovery from Finland 4 years and 2 months later. For its nests, it uses the old stick nests of crows and squirrels.There are 200-400 breeding pairs of Tengmalm’s Owl in Estonia, with an average density of 0.5 pairs per 100 km2.Approximately 100-1000 birds are estimated to winter in Estonia.

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