Dating phobia

Living in a small town for two years during university I tried to be myself, but found that difficult with a group of people discussing my private life.I was quickly labelled in typically clichéd fashion as the Samantha type character from ' Sex and the City' because of my inability to commit to someone.We don't have an ability to tolerate anything if we don't have to.We're constantly dissatisfied, we can go to the next one and next one, we're not sticking with things. It's like we have a shopping list going on a dating app so we do it unconsciously.' ‘Can all this really develop into a phobia’, you might be wondering?

People are putting off having children because of careers and financial elements. It's called ' I know he's not my future husband' and it's completely absurd.

That it ruined my entire week as I couldn't wait for it to happen only for it to be over.

I could've told him how I almost ran back to the tube, but forced myself encouraged by friends who told me 'it's just one date.' I could've defended myself and say ' I'm not a cock-teaser.

Add online dating into the mix and you can’t help but feel that a zombie apocalypse is fast approaching.

Woodbridge says ' With dating apps, it's all very quick.

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