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While Gemma paid the bill, she said she remarked the amount was more than they were used to paying.The pair then went outside where they tried to take a picture of the shop, which caused the owner to go into meltdown.Gemma can be heard pleading that the woman is scaring her son and asking to be allowed to leave, but to no avail.The local woman then starts hurling a series of of insults - calling Gemma a 'dog', 'donkey' and 'cow' before making remarks about her hair.For most Nepali couples who are not of the same faith, they pick and choose what they want to include, creating their own traditions.Though love marriages are much more popular than they once were, arranged marriages are also still quite common, and caste generally determines these matches in rural parts of the country.She said: 'I screamed as loud as I could, I roared upon her and I chased her.'Angry and scared, I admit that I threw a small stone at her which hit her hip.

She tried to hit me with it.'I moved my walking poles to stop it but she hit my walking poles with such force that it broke one of them.'The only part she managed to hit me was my hand and I have some bruising.'Gemma fled the village and went back to the path, but soon noticed that the woman was coming up behind them.

“Nepal is a mosaic of culture, religion, language, and tradition.

With a population split between a variety of tribes and ethnic affiliations, there is no single wedding style or practice,” writes Nadya Agrawal in “The Essential Guide to Nepali Weddings.” Hinduism and Buddhism are the most widely practiced religions in Nepal, but the engagement and wedding traditions in each can differ greatly.

Dramatic Go Pro footage shows the pair attempting to get away from the local, who is chasing them with two large planks of wood and throwing rocks at them.

Gemma can be heard begging for her life as the woman threatens them, saying she didn't dare fight back in case she slipped off the narrow mountain path to her death.

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