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American immigration didn’t really begin until the late 1700s, when the United States became an independent nation. made its Constitution the new law of the land, immigrants flocked to the country with few restrictions.Before that, Africans had unwillingly entered the Americas as enslaved peoples and Europeans had entered as settlers—which is something totally different. This didn’t mean that they were welcomed in the “New World.” In the beginning, when immigrants came mostly from northern and western Europe, anti-Irish and anti-Catholic sentiment were rampant.These new quotas were meant to address “a sense of crisis” that America was accepting too many immigrants, particularly too many non-Anglo Saxon ones. Sessions had earlier stated that the 1924 Immigration Act “was good for America.” But according to Mae M. Before this change in 1965, there had been no numeric caps on immigration within the Americas. Yet after the Hart-Celler Immigration Act was passed, “Whole groups of migrants from Mexico and Latin America whose entrance to the U. would have been considered legal before 1965 suddenly became illegal,” By ignoring the realities of migration between Mexico and the U.The 1924 act resurfaced in the news in September 2017 when United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the U. would end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), a policy to give people who came to the U. Ngai, a professor of Asian American studies and history at Columbia University, “the 1924 act is considered almost universally to be a stain on our history.” It’s an “obviously racist act,” she says. S., the law created a problem where there was none before.Until the late 19th century, there wasn’t any such thing as “illegal” or “legal” immigration to the United States.That’s because before you can immigrate somewhere illegally, there has to be a law for you to break.Unauthorized immigrants represented 3.4% of the total U. This population has remained essentially stable for five years after nearly two decades of changes.The recent overall stability contrasts with past trends.

In addition, the Immigration Act passed that same year banned people who were poor, mentally ill, or convicted of crimes from entering the country.

Because only a very narrow group of Chinese people could legally immigrate, “the acting presumption was that if you’re Chinese you must have come in illegally,” Hsu says.

“Chinese become the only group required to carry around certificates of residence, which are intended to show—to document—that they have in fact entered legally.” A decade later, the Asiatic Barred Zone Act banned most immigration from Asia, as well as immigration by prostitutes, polygamists, anarchists, and people with contagious diseases.

“It ranked people from all over the world on a kind of hierarchy of desirability based on their race and national origin … And this idea that the United States can radically alter immigrants’ legal status, for good or ill, has implications for today.

There is no controversy over that.” The 1924 quota system remained largely in place until the 1960s, when a new law established a new system.

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