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This means that last-minute cancellations should only be done in the case of the aforementioned medical emergency, with a few other exceptions.

But certainly not in the case of another invitation, laundry to do, work to finish or when "something came up". Thanks can be expressed in many forms -- oral, written, or a small present upon arrival.

Etiquette Violation #4: Never insult your hostess' cooking. Etiquette Violation #5: Don't communicate that you can't wait to leave, even if your children keep piping up, "Can we go yet? They've squeezed a meal at your home in between birthday parties, golf games and afternoon tea. This can be disconcerting and a little demoralizing to the hosts.

As hosts, it is our responsibility to end the meal before the natives get restless (We operate by the principle of "leave 'em wanting more").

Next Week: The Host's Responsibility Click here to read Host Etiquette.

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Friends are often invited over at the same time, and they usually have a lot of news to catch up on (having not spoken in at least an hour! So they seat themselves at the end of the table, turn to each other, begin talking and proceed to ignore the rest of us the entire evening.

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Hostesses plan for the individual needs of their guests.

Expressing gratitude is essential for the character of the guest and the continued good spirits of the host. Proper interpersonal interactions are not instinctive. We need training and guidance to treat others appropriate in each unique situation.

And maybe if I can communicate these ideas to my family, and we really assimilate them and become the ideal guests, someone will actually invite us over...

Whispering is usually the perquisite of married couples, and while their comments may not really be about the tastelessness of the soup or the recent weight gain of their hostess, it is nevertheless inappropriate and, dare I say it, rude. Etiquette Violation #3: Don't make derogatory, impatient or dismissive comments about your host's children (even if they deserve it! As parents, even though we may find our children occasionally frustrating, it is always tempered by tremendous love. It's my children's home too and they are sharing it with the guests.

Conversely, guests who pay special attention to all the members of our family, who treat them with respect and sincere interest, become regular invitees, and often good friends.

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