Dating commitment phobic who is jim from the office dating

Chas begins her revenge by doing "little things" but later decides to "up her game and to start playing really dirty".Pargeter said that Chas can not decide whether she will go through with her revenge or if she would instead forgive Carl and marry him.He "realises his fling with Eve was a massive mistake, based on excitement and lust".Lister added that Carl felt Chas' proposal and pregnancy were "a great excuse to get out of the affair with Eve because it was all getting a little bit complicated", explaining that Eve "was becoming too much hard work".Carl begins a relationship with Lexi Nicholls (Sally Oliver).Lister said that Lexi proposes as she knows "there's something there between Carl and Chas and Lexi's envious of that.Carl Thomas King is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Emmerdale, played by Tom Lister.

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In January 2004, The Sun announced that Emmerdale would bring in "four new single 'hunks'" who are all brothers in an attempt to increase the sex appeal of the serial.

She added that Chas "geniunely thinks he loves her" and she loves him too. Lister said that Carl will be "gutted" if Chas goes through with her revenge plan.

He explained that Carl was "thrilled" at Chas' pregnancy and he now wants to "give Chas whatever she wants - a big Christmas day wedding, anything to make her happy".

As one of the younger King brothers he's always had to fight for his place in the family.

He's also commitment phobic, and despite apparently finding his perfect match in Chas, his eyes wandered onto Eve and he wrecked what could have been a beautiful relationship.

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