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There is a well-defined process for identifying assets or groups of assets within the existing base that will be subject to major repair or recapitalization based on consideration of several relevant criteria.The process relies on the informed judgement of managers.The Agency’s yearly investments in asset maintenance and capital renewal are far short of commonly recommended asset investment benchmarks (i.e., an annual target of investing 4% of the current replacement value of the asset portfolio in maintenance and increasing functionality and capacity).The issue has persisted for many years and will continue into the foreseeable future.The asset management program involves a large portion of the Agency’s resources (i.e., an estimated 800 s and 1M or 27% of the Agency’s total 2007/08 expenditures of 5.5M).The existing asset inventory comprises approximately 22,000 assets of all types and approximately 16,000 high-value assets (i.e., assets valued at K or more).We concluded that the Agency has had mixed success in implementing these strategies.

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To address this challenge the Agency committed, in its 20 Long-Term Capital Plans (s), to increase its professional asset management capacity, expand its asset management framework, increase investment levels, focus on high-risk areas, document and improve its compliance with inspection and due diligence regimes, limit acquisition of new assets, ensure that investments result in improved asset condition and reduce the number of assets facing threats or posing hazards.The number and professional qualifications of asset managers in the field have improved in the last two to three years.Spending on major asset repair and recapitalization has increased from the baseline identified in the 2005 .It does not directly address the whole spectrum of decision-making with respect to asset operations and maintenance and renewal.There is a risk that application of the principles and guidance for investment will be inconsistent across the Agency.

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