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Ten are needed for the assembly, ten for the congregation, and ten for Israel.) According to some Talmudic authorities, women counted in the minyan for offering the Korban Pesach (e.g. It was the firm belief of the sages that wherever ten Israelites are assembled, either for worship or for the study of the Law, the Divine Presence dwells among them.In rabbinical literature, those who meet for study or prayer in smaller groups, even one who meditates or prays alone, are to be praised.The Talmud itself does not directly address the question of whether women may count as part of a minyan for devarim shebkdusha.Since the Talmud uses the same gezerah shavah for Kiddush Hashem as it uses for devarim shebkdusha, one may expect the laws for those two cases to be the same.

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For example, the verse, "How long shall I bear with this evil congregation which murmur against me? The word is related to the Aramaic word mene, numbered, appearing in the writing on the wall in Daniel .Babylonian Talmud The Babylonian Talmud (Megillah 23b) derives the requirement of a minyan of ten shomer Shabbat for Kiddush Hashem From this combination, the Talmud concludes that "sanctification" should occur in the "midst" of a "congregation" of ten.For example, the Passover sacrifice or Korban Pesach (from the days of the Temple in Jerusalem) must be offered before a quorum of 30.(It must be performed in front of kahal adat yisrael, the assembly of the congregation of Israel.

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